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Kuala Lumpur-Geloof zal je ontmoeten op het jaarlijkse feest van de energiesector in september

3-4 September 2019 The most scale The most widely product High-Level Participates smart grid & Smart grid meter exhibition 14th Asian Utility Week Will be popular in Malaysia Four-Faith experienced 10 years in Oversea Focus on the news real time Will be show High-level Industrial device ripe application & solution …… While Welcome every customers from all over the world to our booth Hall 2 AC12-AC14   Asian Utility Week Asian Utility Week cover smart grid、smart meter、transmission and distribution、new energy、smart home、energy storage etc.The most huge grid field、most widely product、the most participants in South East Asia.The exhibition cover North East Asia、South East Asia、South Asia、North Europe and part of Africa countries.Hold once a year,popularity 350 exhibitors come from all over the world last year.The Number of participants reach in 11000. Four-Faith professional in IOT,catch in the opportunity in energy market.Four-Faith will show all our industrial level device with the high technology,such as industrial level wireless Router/modem,Gateway,IP camera ,Fault Indicator,Protocol Converter,Multifunctio Meter,Electricity Wireless Modem,LoRa/NB-IoT/ZigBee series and solution.Let the global customer to know four-faith strong R&D team and rich product.We hope to help Economic complementarity with each country,provide various product and cooperation method,grow win-win profit with our partners. September Four-Faith together with Asia-Pacific great friends Face to Face discuss and share the new technology Before That We would like to show some part of product for you Let’s Go!   Product List   Bullet IP Camera Series ■ IoT Interface Integration,Highly Customizable ■ Smart Configuration Tools,reduce workload and management cost ■ With four-faith Industrial NVR,just plug in the power the device on,it will start to record ■ Built in multiple system protection Mechanism,real time monitoring system working status ■ Hisilicon high-end chip,stronger ability to process image ■ Industrial High-level protection,suitable for various rugged environment   Industrial Wireless Router ■ Use Industrial performance high-level module,make sure stability network ■ Super WDT Technology,make sure stability system ■ Support output Relay、number of optocouplers ■ Support TF card,GPIO、Data for storage ■ Support various VPN, make sure safe transmit data  LoRa series ■ Use Industrial performance high-level module,make sure stability network ■ Low power consumption<2uA ■ High sensitivity 10 years ■ Epoxy casting, protection level up to IP68   Protocol Converter ■ Complete data acquisition and multi-protocol conversion(Including DNP3.0、Modbus RTU/TCP、IEC104、IEC101 etc.) ■ Multiple communication interface type ■ Support 2.5G/3G/4G/NB-IOT cellular network ■ High performance hardware platform Support remote management, Sending communication protocol online, which can reduce the cost of site maintenance.   Multifunction Power Meter In order to meet the rapid development of smart grid system, Four-Faith Multifunction Power Meter comes into being, with full power acquisition, switch value monitoring, relay output and powerful expansion function, which is widely used in various industries, such as distribution system, industrial automation and intelligent network monitoring system.   Exhibition Guide Date:3rd-4th, September,2019 Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Booth No.: Hall 2 AC12-AC14

De delegatie van de Nationale Partij van Nieuw-Zeeland bezocht vier brieven

  On September 7th, the New Zealand National Party delegation: New Zealand National Party leader, opposition leader, former Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Communications Simon Bridges, National Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, former Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee, National Party Congressman, Congress Dr. Yang Jian, Chairman of the Government Governance and Administration Committee, Rachel Morton, Chief Press Secretary of the National Party, and the leaders of the 7th Bureau of the International Liaison Department 、the leaders of the Xiamen Foreign Affairs Office and Xiamen New Zealand chamber of commerce visited the headquarters of Four-Faith. The leaders of Four-Faith company Ms. Wang and other members warmly received and exchanged ideas with the guests on the hottest theme of IoT technology .      During the visiting, accompanied by the Four-Faith Leader Ms. Wang and other members , the guests visited the multi-functional exhibition hall and R&D center. The new high technology in the multi-functional exhibition hall attracted the attention of the guests. Four-Faith leaders fully explained the IoT productand solutions to the guests.      The delegation showed strong interest in the solutions of Four-Faith wireless IoT communication equipment, smart power, smart irrigation area, smart disaster detect, smart water and smart fire protection, and raised professional questions from different industry fields. After the leaders of the company answered the questions patiently, the delegations said: “I hope that the products and solutions of the Four-Faith will be more popularized and apply in New Zealand in the future. The cooperation between each other will lay the foundation from this visit.”      Subsequently, in order to give the guests a deeper understanding of our core technology and corporate development direction, Ms. Wang, the Chairman and General Manager of Four-Faith led the professional team and the guests to make in-depth exchanges on the most popular IoT industry today, and deeply analyze the status quo and future of Chinese Internet of Things industry.    Through this in-depth discussion with the guests, we will have a deeper understanding of the current situation and development plan of our company and lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.        On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to let the guests coming from afar more intuitively feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, Four-faith leaders gave the guests a brief introduction to the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and warmly invited them to participate the South of Fujian Province traditional culture game “bo bing”, and give the most Chinese culture gifts to the guests.        The crisp sound of the scorpion jump, the excitement of the guests’ faces, and the wonderful experience of spreading Chinese traditional culture are all more complete for today’s reception.        The journey of four-faith in the Internet of Things industry has always been the starry sea. We will always stick to our heart and be committed to making the vision of all things more intelligent, so that more and more people can feel the charm of the Internet of Everything.    

Europese nutsweek is gedaald! Je hebt een romantische uitnodiging

Paris Titled “Romantic Capital” In this city You will feel thousands of mind Feel the beauty of classical art But! Next month! Romantic Paris will also witness an international top event “2019 European Energy Week, Smart Grid, Meter Show” International smart grid and smart meter industry The most instructive and innovative professional November 12-14th Meet with four-faith in the romantic capital Talking about the future of energy About  the  exhibition The 21st European Energy Week Show in 2019 will be held in Paris, France on November 12-14. It is the most instructive and innovative professional conference and exhibition in the international smart grid and smart meter industry, covering electricity and water. Energy fields such as heat and gas. According to the statistics of 2018, it has attracted the active participation of energy operators, suppliers and professionals from about 120 countries around the world. Helping  energy  development, four -faith  set  sail  again In today’s increasingly fierce global competition, only excellent products and excellent quality are far from enough. Really visionary and sustainable enterprises are bound to create more added value for customers. The service concept that has always been adhered to over the years. 2019 Four-Faith will start again, will carry the main equipment industrial-grade wireless router, DTU, M-Bus, IP camera, overhead fault indicator, communication management machine, multi-function meter, LoRa / NB-IoT series products and popular solutions unveiled The exhibition, one-stop to meet the various needs of customers in the field of electricity, then welcome to visit the booth M121. Popular exhibits preview M-Bus ✔ Support wireless SUB-G smart meter application ✔ wireless M-BUS EN13757 ✔ License-Free frequency band(169/433/868/915 MHz)& system ✔ low power,long distance transmission Overhead fault indicator ✔  Real-time monitoring of the working status of overhead lines ✔ Remote configuration of equipment, remote upgrade of programs, greatly improving management efficiency ✔ Ultra-micro power design, stable and reliable work>10 years ✔ Epoxy casting, protection class up to IP68 ✔ Short circuit and earth fault detection ✔ Local indication of fault and uploading fault information to SCADA system Multi-function power meter In order to meet the rapid development of smart grid systems, Four-Faith multi-function power meter came into being, with full power acquisition, switch value monitoring, relay output and powerful expansion functions, widely used in various industries, such as power distribution systems, industrial automation and Intelligent network monitoring system, etc. NB-IoT series ✔ High-performance industrial-grade modules ensure system stability ✔ Support multi-mainstream NB-IoT platform ✔ Support protocols such as TCP/UDP/COAP/MQTT ✔ Support multiple NB-IoT bands ✔ Support RS232 and RS485 serial communication ✔ Industrial design, adapt to harsh environments Exhibition  guide Theme: European Energy Week,Smart Grid,Meter Show 2019 Time:November 12-14,2019 Location:Paris Booth:M121

Sixin Cooperation LoRa Alliance bevordert de IoT-revolutie

As a leading domestic provider of intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT) products and solutions, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will collaborate with LoRa Alliance’s ecosystem of partners to deliver next generation sensing platforms and solutions for IoT applications。 We are announcing that Four-Faith is joining the LoRa Alliance. As a LoRa Alliance Member, we would continue to promote standardization development of the LoRaWAN industry and bring intelligence to all beings. The partnership marks another step forward in Four-Faith’s expansion into the IoT sector. Our strong multi-disciplinary competencies—including materials science, hardware engineering, software engineering, sensor fusion platforms, and in-house manufacturing—will allow Four-Faith to collaborate with partners in the LoRa Alliance ecosystem to develop next-generation ultralow-power sensing platforms for IoT applications. “Through the LoRa Alliance, we will have an exceptional opportunity to translate our company’s unique competencies and product commercialization track record into breakthrough products, platforms. Leveraging our many years of experience developing, manufacturing, and integrating sensor technologies for a wide spectrum of products and applications, we are excited to work with fellow forward-looking companies to play an integral role in this disruptive technological paradigm shift.” “We are pleased to welcome Four-Faith Electronics into the LoRa Alliance ecosystem,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “Four-Faith Electronics commitment to collaborating with other companies that are developing and offering LoRaWAN products and services highlights one of the key benefits of membership. We look forward to benefiting from Four-Faith Electronics’ perspective and contributions.” In joining the LoRa Alliance’s collaborative and innovative ecosystem, Four-Faith reaffirms its commitment to help realize the global vision of a truly connected future. About FourFaith FourFaith was founded in 2008, the headquarter is in Xiamen, China. FourFaith is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading technology giant, and the world’s leading Internet of Things communication equipment and solution service provider. With technological innovation as the core, FourFaith revolves around wireless communication technology, 5G, AI, etc. With cutting-edge IoT communication technology and artificial intelligence as the technical core, fully using of LoRa technology, FourFaith has launched modules, gateways, and multi-functional terminals based on LoRaWAN. These products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and they are widely used in smart cities, smart transportation, smart security, smart buildings, smart agriculture, and other fields. LoRa Alliance The LoRa Alliance is an open, nonprofit association that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector since its inception in 2015. Its members closely collaborate and share expertise to develop and promote the LoRaWAN protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. With the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications, both static and mobile, and the LoRaWAN CertifiedCM program to guarantee interoperability, the LoRaWAN protocol has been deployed by major mobile network operators globally, and connectivity is available in over 120 countries, with continual expansion. LoRa Alliance, LoRaWAN, and LoRaWAN CertifiedCM are trademarks of the LoRa Alliance. Besides, As an adopter member of the LoRa Alliance, we would continue to promote standardization development of the LoRaWAN industry and bring intelligence to all beings. Besides, As an adopter member of the LoRa Alliance, we would continue to promote standardization development of the LoRaWAN industry and bring intelligence to all beings.