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Guangzhou SIA to deconstruct the future of smart manufacturing

2018 the 16th China SIA in Guangzhou have been successfully holding in last 15 years, during the development of 15 years, it have now became one of the top automation and robotic exhibition in China. The exhibition fully cover smart equipment, robotics, automation equipment etc, directly and fully service for the industrial automation and industrial automation, from front to end for the whole industrial chain.   This time exhibition is aiming to strengthen the industry power, to conspire the development of the industry, to draw together the development blue print of smart equipment, to build the industrial communication platform via integrating the industrial smart equipment resource, to reinforce the industry communication, to enhance the industry development, to contribute to China economic development. Four Faith, continuously pay attention to the IoT industry updated information, is invited to join the exhibition, we wish to talk to the industry giant face to face via this time SIA, to share experience together, learn together, progress together, and then to enhance the industry development. Welcome the old and new friends come to Four Faith booth No. 5 H08.   To be more close to this time SIA, Xiamen Four Faith use “To let industry smart” as theme, bring the high end industrial router, DTU, new generation smart IPC, wireless video adapter, LoRa, NB-IoT, Zigbee together to Guangzhou.   Lora Base Product special: •GPS position supportive •embedded real time operating system •WIFI wireless configuration management and on-line updated supportive •support one LAN and WIFI simultaneously •use industrial 32 bits communication CPU and industrial wireless module •220V, POE, solar power supply, DC power supply supportive •Network Server  standard LoRawan protocol supportive, suitable to standard LoRawan terminal and Network Server   industry application Four Faith Lora Base has been widely used in M2M industry chain, such as smart grid, smart traffic, industry automation, smart building, fire-fighting, public safety, environment protection, weather, digital medical, telemetry, military, space explore, agriculture, forestry, water, mining, oil and gas etc.   application solution: smart factory Smart factory is to use M2M/IoT technology to achieve the information management and service to factory workers and equipment, to connect everything in the factory and achieve unit management, to achieve the data information connect together, to help the factory increase the production efficiency, lower down the production costing, optimize the equipment working condition and lower down the energy costing, to integrate the industry manufacturing with M2M application to build the smart manufacturing zone.   Four Faith smart factory solution plan is to use Lora gateway/base to fully cover the wireless signal to the factory based on Lora technology, in the mean time to install Four Faith Lroa module to each data collection in the factory, to achieve the dynamic data fully collection to the whole manufacturing process, and to real time collect and transfer the relative information based on the factory actual requests. It will do the systematic analyse and optimize to data after information is transferring to system management platform, and then accurately transfer to WEB service system or mobile phone APP system so manufacturing manager can simultaneously learn the needed information during the manufacturing process, to achieve the highly safety of information storage, the in-time and flexibility of information collection.   Four Faith smart factory solution plan is to use Four Faith Lora gateway/base to achieve the deep coverage inside the factory, and through the software platform to achieve several different equipment remote connecting like meters, equipment, people etc, to achieve Lora terminal sensor fully monitoring to the factory manufacturing and environment, to achieve process standard, monitoring visualization, process intelligent, system highly integrated, information highly sharing, logistic and information running together, to enhance the manufacturing upgrade for the traditional manufacture.   The same time, same place, to find out the innovative technology and solution plan for smart manufacturing area in SIA exhibition gathering with automation, robotics, assembly, transferring and smart manufacturing leaders.   Face to face communication with advanced technology engineers from German, USA, Japan, Korea etc in China.    Golden September, Four Faith is looking forward to seeing you in Guangzhou!

INVITATION|GuangZhou&HangZhou&ShangHai, Wisdom Fairstaged in September

September is coming, Four-Faith is on our way, GuangZhou&HangZhou&ShangHai ThreebiggestExhibition   1.Guangzhou modern industrial intelligent equipment exhibition Guangzhou International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition willindicate industrial automation technology, industrial assembly and transmission technology, industrial robots and components, machine vision industrial applications, AGV unmanned handling, smart factory solutions, industrial automation solutions, etc. For more than 10 years, withthe rapid growth of scale andscope of exhibitions and the professional visitors have greatly promoted the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and leapfrog development! As thepioneer of the Internet of Things industry, Four-Faith Communication has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of industrial networking communication equipment and modules since its inception. It is a well-known brand in the field of industrial Internet of China.   At this Guangzhou Industrial Automation Exhibition, Four-Faith will continue to bring the industry’s leading products and technologies, providing the latest industry product solutions for new and old customers. Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition Area Machine vision exhibition area 3C Electronics Manufacturing Exhibition Area Industrial Communication Exhibition Area   2.Hangzhou Computing Conference Computing Conference is the world’s top technology conference hosted by Alibaba Group. It brings together the strongest brains of the era, depicts new technology trends and blueprints, and presents a panoramic view of the thriving technological ecology of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. From 2015 to 2017, the Computing Conference series has attracted more than 100,000 people to participate in the event, and tens of millions of people participated online. September 19-22, 2018, Computing Conference will continue to be held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, and invite you to drive Digital China together. Driving Digital China 2018 HangZhouComputing Conference Date:2018.9.19-22 Address: D3-214 Booth:HangZhouYunqiTownInternational Convention Centre   Four-Faith is a partner of Alibaba Cloud. It adheres to the cooperation concept of open sharing and win-win cooperation. In 2018, it cooperated with Alibaba Cloud and participated in the Xiamen Internet of Things, Chongqing Zhibo, and the upcoming Hangzhou Computing Conference in the middle of this month. Using Internet of Things technology to contribute to the development of smart cities, guests are welcome to visit the Four-Faith booth: D3 – 214 to visit and communicate. Intelligentcommunication exhibition hall Four-Faith booth: D3 – 214   3. China International Industry Fair As one of the most popular professional exhibitions, Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS) is regarded as the largest and most influential exhibition event in the field of automation in Asia. The exhibition, together with many leading companies in the field of automation, will focus on the core technologies and front-end products of intelligent manufacturing, and strive to create a market segment in the field of automation, focusing on the embedded technology exhibition area, motion control system exhibition area, intelligent sensing and connection, transmission and transmission. Pneumatic and other professional exhibition areas. Intelligence Manufacture Create the Future The 20th China international industrial fair Date:2018.9.19-23 Address: National Convention and Exhibition Centre Booth:6.2 Venues C040   From September 19th to 23rd, 2018, IAS will welcome its new event in the world’s largest exhibition, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). It is expected that the scale of the IAS exhibition will be the biggest in 2018. As the largest and most popular industrial automation exhibition, Four-Faith was invited to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, Four-Faith will actively share products, technologies, services and solutions in the field of industrial automation. Welcome new and old customers and guests. Friends came to the Four-Faithbooth: booth C040 in Hall 6.2 to visit and exchange. Industrial Automationshow National Exhibitionandconventioncenter (Shanghai) 19-23 September2018 Booth: 6.2H   Four-FaithSmart City With the continuous maturity of the Internet of Things technology, moreandmore application ofindustry, the basic public facilities are also undergoing intelligent transformation, and the establishment of an integrated smart city management system has emerged. This will also help urban management achieve timely measures, reduced operating costs, improved efficiency, and improved environmental performance. Four-Faiththe pioneer of the Internet of Things industry, the provider of IoT communication technology solutions, smart power, smart city, smart water, smart disaster and other industry solution providers, providing competitive users, system integrators, operators The products, technologies, solutions and services, this month’s three importantexhibitions, Four-Faith will bring the most popular application program to show the most appropriate smart city appearance for the site users.   Industry application: wisdom firefighting Advantages: The fire information is transmitted to the WEP service system or mobile APP system in a timely, fast and accurate manner; in the initial stage of the fire, the firefighters are notified or the automatic fire-fighting facilities are started remotely to extinguish the fire, greatly reducing the loss caused by the fire.   Industry application: smart meter reading Advantages: easy to embed, large network capacity, low power consumption, strong communication through the wall, perfect solution to the problem of ultra-long-distance communication of small data in complex environments, reaching the industry leading level.   Industry application: intelligent street light Advantages: It has the advantages of no flow rate, no wiring, no break-through application, large networking capacity, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. Four-Faithcommunication always follows the heart on the road of the Internet of Things industry. In the season when industry events are gathering, Four-Faithinvites you to gather in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Let’s watch the September show of the big drama.

Four-Faith & SIA 2018

The 16th Guangzhou International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Grand opened at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall on September 12   For 16 years, The scale of the exhibition, The scope of the exhibition and the rapid growth of professional visitors, Greatly promoted the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and leapfrog development! Exhibition Introduction As an event in the automation production assembly industry, Guangzhou International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition has been dedicated to promoting industrial automation upgrades for more than ten years. It demonstrates the future of intelligent manufacturing by demonstrating comprehensive automation system integration solutions, leading the development of the industry and promoting new products. The application of new technologies and new concepts in the field of production and assembly makes the production process of the enterprise more systematic, more efficient, smarter and less costly. With the rise of a series of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and consumer demand for customized products, pure automated production has been unable to meet the manufacturing needs of industries such as automobiles, electronics, and home appliances, and more and more manufacturing. Industry and enterprises have embarked on the road of automation to intelligent transformation.   A vision dedicated to making things smarter Four-Faith have been on the road to the industrial automation event On September 12 Industrial Automation Zone – Open the door to the “Industry 4.0” With the global manufacturing industry moving towards the industrial 4.0, the demand for manufacturing automation has become increasingly prominent. To promote the application of machine vision technology in industrial production, optimizing automation system solutions has become an inevitable choice for enterprises. At this event, Four-Faith teamed up with professional technicians to showcase cutting-edge technologies, R&D products and overall solutions.   On the morning of the same day, the H05 booth received high attention from inside and outside of the industry. The perfect product chain, mature solutions, and intuitive and clear application design drawings attracted a batch of people. The most popular one is. Four-Faith’s Industrial Robot Remote Monitoring System Solution. Industrial Robot Remote Monitoring System Solution 1、Program background With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous upgrading of industrial upgrading, modern industrial robots are more and more widely used in flexible processing and other production. The stability and reliability of industrial robots and robotic arms on the production line are of great significance to the stability and economic benefits of production. The industrial robot mechanism is complex and the maintenance cost is high, which puts high demands on the ability of the technical personnel of the production enterprise. The current status of the application of robots puts higher demands on the high-quality service capabilities of industrial robot manufacturers. The Internet of Things technology and TCP/IP protocol transmit the status and alarm information of industrial robots to the data monitoring center to realize remote data monitoring and fault diagnosis, find problems and solve faults quickly, which is of great significance in modern industrial production. 2、System composition The monitoring center uses ADSL/fiber to access the Internet public network to obtain a fixed public network IP. Build a VPN server. The Four-Faith F-R100 router establishes a VPN tunnel between the VPN client and the server to implement inter networking between the two ends. The acquisition system runs on the database server, which can collect the Ethernet PLC data connected to the Four-Faith router and control the industrial robot. Thereby achieving the purpose of collecting and monitoring the operating state of the industrial robot. 3、System advantage Stability: It adopts industrial high-performance processor, can withstand the long-term harsh environment test, ensure the smooth communication; reliable network connection, device redial function, can ensure that the device is always online. Low cost: The wireless data transmission terminal is using operator’s 3G/4G network, no network wiring is required, the equipment installation is flexible, and it is not affected by the geographical environment. The single point equipment is cheap, reducing the wiring problem and reducing the cost. Flexibility and scalability: Standard communication protocols and interfaces for easy installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Simultaneous acquisition and control of multiple robots in a plant. Timeliness: When the data is abnormal, the monitoring terminal can timely discover and issue instructions to control the industrial robot.   Wonderful moment

It is the time to show the real “technology”, Four-Faith F-R200 is honor to win CEC Editor Recommendation Award

20th Sep, co-hosted by international well-known industry media CONTROL ENGINEERING China and PLANT ENGINEERING China (short name CEC and PEC) , 2018(7th) international automation and manufacturing Theme Summit meeting will be hold in Shanghai Jinguyuan Haosheng hotel. This time summit meeting will invite the industry leader manufacturer, experts and scholars and typical user to attend and speech surrounding the theme “meet to the M2M industry, smart to the international challenge”, to offer the grand meeting to direct the industry and widen the mind for every industry manufacturer. Four Faith marketing manager Mr. Lin is inviting to join it.   The host of the summit meeting release the final result of “CEC product of the year 2018 ” and award the enterprise, it is, as the industrial authority yearly product electing activity, aimed to recommend the best product to the industry, to show the standard to the industry. This awarding the latest products of industrial automation control and instrument and meter in Chinese market, one of which is Four Faith high end industrial router F-R200 to be awarded to “Editor Recommendation Award of the year 2018”. Application project: F-R200 used in AGV robot   Application background AGV robot have became the new strength in the robot area in recent years, under the background of smart logistic, smart factory, smart AGV robot function will be more and more important, AGV will be the foundation in unmanned factory and market in the future. In addition, AGV robot has been applied in people’s livelihood project, it has been seen in laboratory, shopping mall etc.   Application The system is mainly built by terminal robot, network communication layer, server and hand-hold controller 1. Terminal robot is embedded Xiamen Four Faith F-R200 industrial router, F-R200 use as the client end in WIFI LAN network to receive and upload the command from server or hand-hold device. 2. Network communication device is built by Xiamen Four Faith F-R200 industrial router, the main function is to be the server end in WIFI LAN network to build the saft, real-time, stable data communication channel to terminal robot, server and hand-hold device. 3. Server mainly work to receive, send and process the sensor data and radar scanning data uploaded by terminal robot and analyze the data. Hand-hold terminal is to send the robot routine and cargo processing via radar scanning data.   High End Industrial router: F-R200 F-R200 is the wireless communication router used in M2M area, it use the public 3G/4G network to offer the wireless long distance big data communication function. It adopt the high function industrial 32 bits communication CPU and industrial wireless module, embedded the real time operating system to be software supporting platform, meanwhile offer 1*RS232(or RS485/RS422), 4*LAN, 1*WAN, 1*WIFI connector, to connect to Serial device, Ethernet device and WIFI device at the same time, to achieve the function of data transparent communication and router.  Product function  1.Adopt high function industrial module to ensure the stability of network  2.WDT design to ensure the stability of system data output of relay, Optical couple TF extension, serial, network data storage multiple VPN to ensure the safety of data communication 

Hi!There is an Invitation Letter from Vienna for U !

Comfortable Elegance, Delicious food, and “music capital of the world” is the first impression many people have for the cultural center of Europe—Vienna. While, During 6thto 8th, Nov 2018, it’s a totally different Vienna who holds the European Utility Week Event! Don’t hesitate! Take your time! Together with Four-faith! To join the unprecedented event-20th European Utility Week! To experience the different Vienna!   Introduction of the Event The 20th European Utility Week Event, is going to be held in Vienna, Austriaduring 6th to 8th Nov 2018, covering different industries like Power, Water, Heat, Oil&Gasetc, with the product coverage of Smart Metering,Smart Grids, Data Management, Smart Homes, AMR&AMI, Communication &IT, Energy Retail and so on. It will also be the most instructive and innovative professional conference and exhibition in the International Smart Grid and Smart Meter industry. Scale of the Event More than 15,000 professionals from energy departments, energy equipment manufacturers and energy industry associations, gathering from around 120 countries are expected to participate in activities such as international summit BBS, product exhibition, successful cases on-site visit and roundtable conference etc. More than 500 public service companies (including power utilities, water utilities and gas operators) or energy operators will participate. 600 industry experts will explicate the development trend and market opportunities of smart grid and smart meter industry. Interact with over 600 leading enterprises in the 25,000㎡ exhibition hall to learn about the latest technology and products of smart grid and smart meter industry.                    Booth of Four-faith: Hall A, A1 With powerfulRND strength,excellent service team and 50+ countries sales scope, Four-faith alwayskeep focusing on the developmentand spread of wireless communication technology,with its vision–“Make everything more wisdom”. Therefore, Four-faith certainly won’t miss this grand occasion. We will attend the exhibition at the booth: Hall A, A1.Look forward to your coming! To share our innovative technology and solutions in IoT Wireless Communication and Smart Grid, this time we will bring plenty of products including industrial routers, IP MODEM (DTU), 4G smart IoTIPC, fault indicator, multi-function power meter, and LoRa/NB – IoT/ZigBee, etc Ladies and Gentlemen//My dear friends, The “capital of music”—Vienna is still 20 days away. You can follow me to have a glimpse of our products before we meet! Industrial Router Four-faith industrial grade router provides stable and high-speed communication, supportsDM and WMM platform, equips with double watchdog design, supports a variety of on-line&off-line trigger modes, and is able to prevent communication module from crashing.  IP MODEM Four-faith industrial IP MODEM has sufficient communication interfaces. Small-size, supporting complicated networking environment, multi-working modes, providing customized function design, remote configuration, easy for maintenance, Four-faith is your ideal choice.  Fault Indicator Four-faith Smart Grid Fault indicator has the functions of monitoring the line status, locating fault sections and sending fault information etc., which help maintenance person to quickly find out the fault points, shorten the outage time and improve the reliability of power supply. Solution: Wireless remote meter-reading application Smart meter system like smart gas meter, water meter, electric meteretc is made up of equipment embedded withLoRa modules, LoRa gateway/base station, and system management platform.Smart meter transmit datato LoRa module in regular time, and gather the data through LoRawireless network toLoRa gateway/base station, then LoRa gateway/base station transform the wireless data into TCP/IP network data; finally transfer the data to system management platform through operator network and publicInternet. Based on LoRa, the remote meter-reading system has the advantage of easy to embed, big capacity of networking and low power consumption. Moreover, Four-faith LoRa wireless module withup to 140 dBmhigh receiving sensitivity, hasvery strong through-wall communication capability. The measuredcommunicationdistance > 11.5 Km, perfectly solves the communication problem of small data volume vast-distance transmitting in complex environment, which has reached the industry leading level. Distributing line status monitoring system Four-faith distributing line status monitoring system is used for real-time monitoring the running status of the electric lines.It transmits the fault data like short-circuit and grounding faultinformation to influx unit through acquisition unit, then transmits to host station system. With the GIS technology, host station system is able to rapidly locate the fault/repair point. This system has the advantage of on-line monitoring, automatic reset, strong anti-interference, charged loading and unloading, automatic power acquisition, and low cost etc.

Event Notice|Four-Faith will attend Asia IoT Show to keep track of industry trend

MarchSingapore Expo CenterWorldwide 100+ exhibitors6000 square meters pavilion40,000+ visitors27-28 March, 2019The 6th IoT Asia ExpoLooking forward to close contact with you Exhibition background  The 6th Asia International Internet of Things Exhibition and Conference is a dedicated business platform at the forefront of creating collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities for Internet of Things value chain professionals; it links technology solution providers, facilitators, end users and potential Internet of Things technology adopters from online to offline. Since 2014, the exhibition has become a key industry platform for the Internet of Things in Asia, enabling government, industrial and technological leaders to foster closer partnerships and create opportunities for the public and private sectors to work together to develop the Internet of Things. IoT Asia 2019 will be held in Singapore Expo Center from 27 to 28 March. Exhibitions, conferences and seminars will address the needs and interests in these areas – Smart City, Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Data Analysis and Promoters. All Things Intelligent Connection  Under the background of economic environment, it has become an irresistible trend to speed up the pace of 5G commercial, strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and increase investment in inter-city transportation, logistics and municipal infrastructure. The Internet of Things is forming an industrial ecosphere with detailed industrial division and close cooperation. Looking ahead to 2019, how should Internet of Things enterprises view the development trend of industry? How to develop the market? How to choose partners? New and old customers and guests and friends are welcome to visit Four-Faith Exhibition: A12 on March 27th-28th, 2019. Internet of Things and AI will permeate every corner of social life and change life in an all-round way. From smart city, smart home, health management, smart transportation, smart agriculture to industrial Internet and smart logistics, the Internet of Things will transform many industries and bring new infrastructure capabilities. Four-Faith, as the leading brand in the field of wireless communication in China, has been deeply engaged in the field of IoT for many years, and its products are well-known both at home and abroad. In addition to carrying its industrial wireless routers, data transmission terminals, LoRa/NB-IoT/ZigBee products, the new IoT IP Camera will also be presented for the first time. Four-Faith ■ Smart City  Smart city share data through Internet to realize the functions of condition monitoring, remote management, information guidance, interconnection and data integration of a series of infrastructures such as parking lot, street lamp, well cover, fire fighting equipment and so on. As the transmission terminal of the Internet of Things, the wireless communication module collect urban infrastructure data and transmit it to the management center, promote the construction of intelligent interconnection of all things in the city, improve the efficiency of urban management, create a safer and sustainable urban environment, and realize the interconnection between things, things and people.    Application  The wireless network based on Four-Faith LoRa has many advantages, such as no traffic charge, no wiring, no breaking application, large network capacity, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and low power consumption. Four-Faith LoRa module is embedded in urban infrastructure terminal facilities such as parking lot acquisition terminal, city street lamp, well cover, etc. By collecting terminal information and judging equipment status, the acquisition information is uploaded to the server through LoRa gateway/base station, and the terminal equipment is remotely managed and controlled by urban management platform according to data information.   More Four-Faith Smart City Solutions More Information on New Products Unveil the Mystery at the IoT Asia Come to witness the wonderful moment