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FourFaith LoRa product line has a comprehensive hardware solution. FourFaith provides the industrial-grade LoRaWAN module for smart meter manufacturers to embed into its smart meter products. In addition, FourFaith also has various types of indoor & outdoor LoRaWAN gateway to fit different environment requirements.   By collaborating with smart meter manufacturers and system integrators, FourFaith has cumulated extensive experience in LoRa and LoRaWAN related projects, and had built plenty of successful cases around the world. Recently, FourFaith has worked with the public utility companies in India by using FourFaith LoRaWAN products to provide the smart water meter solution.   Smart water metering solution allows our water supply providers to reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of meter reading management and save water resources. It is an ideal IoT platform for smart metering with its easy to deploy, long-range, and flexible capabilities. FourFaith LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring Project in India   A Challenging Project   For this water meter monitoring project in India, the project team was facing multiple challenges. For instance, most settlements are concentrated in a small area required high concurrency data communication and high penetrability; In the meantime, long-distance communication ability is also mandatory since each village are spread over several kilometers away; Moreover, since most water meters are installed outside of the house, how to sustaining power on the meter is also a problem.   There are other project requirements: 1. Low power consumption, can be powered by battery for years. 2. Auto report water meter periodically, can be pre-configured. 3. Compact size, can be easily embedded into water meter. 4. Support read by the handheld device manually, in case some nodes lost connection from the gateway. 5. Auto switch to sleep mode to save the battery, and awake immediately as needed.   FourFaith provides the F8L10D-N module for this project. F8L10D-N is a low power consumption Lora module which can reach 3uA in sleep mode. F8L10D-N is tiny enough for embedded into the water meter with TTL ready to connect.   FourFaith LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring Project in India   Currently, our customer had already installed the FourFaith Lora module with water meters to the field, around 8000 Lora modules work well with the water meters in the kickstart project. More units are already planned and being manufacturing. This project has greatly helped our customers improve efficiency and reduce management costs, accelerate the construction of intelligent cities in India.   About FourFaith   FourFaith was founded in 2008, the headquarter is in Xiamen, China. FourFaith is a national high-tech enterprise, a leading technology giant, and one of the world’s leading Internet of Things communication equipment and solution service provider. With technological innovation as the core, FourFaith revolves around wireless communication technology, LPWAN, 5G, AI, etc.   FourFaith has built 3 R&D centers in China and 1 own factory. Hence, FourFaith has strong R&D strength to help our customers conquer any hardware or software challenges. FourFaith provides the powerful customization ability to do any OEM/ODM or system intergrade projects.   In the last decade, FourFaith has successfully provided IoT products and solutions for government departments, enterprises, public institutions, industry users, system integrators, and operators. We are focus on providing cutting-edge IoT products and solutions to bring intelligence across all beings.